Key Lime Margarita Mix

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Old El Paso all-natural key lime margarita mix is available at some Williams-Sonoma stores and through the Web site (click on "drinks and snacks").

Mention the word margarita and many baby boomers can come up with at least one college story about the infamous perils of drinking tequila.

Margaritas have always been so bad - too sweet, too sour, too bland, too icy, too stupid to drink unless you have something to prove and unpleasant enough that you're certain to prove it if you throw back a few.

Great margarita's can be made. A bracing lime juice-lime zest concoction with good tequila that's not too sweet can be delicious.

But homemade margaritas are a lot of trouble.

The easier way is to buy a mix. After tasting scores of mixes that come bottled, powdered, frozen and concentrated, I've discovered one that's worth drinking.

The El Paso Chile Company margarita mix makes a fabulous, labor-saving margarita. The lime taste refreshes and there's not too much sugar. Add a squeeze of lime wedge and it tastes homemade.

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