Perfectly Perfect Low Carb Hot Chocolate...

by 👩‍🍳 Cooking With a Southern Vibe in Music City USA 👩‍🍳, November 18, 2013



This just might be the best hot chocolate ever.  No more nasty chemical laden Swiss Miss at my house, this is so easy to put together, it tastes sinfully delicious and this is under 40 calories a cup.   I adapted this recipe from Hershey’s Cocoa, it’s SO good, just the perfect finish to a cool winter evening. ~ jan

1 cup Unsweeted Almond Milk (I use Silk, 30 calories, <1 carb per cup)
2 Tablespoons Splenda
2-3 teaspoons Hershey’s Cocoa
dash salt
1/2-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Microwave your milk in a mug until hot, mine takes about 1.5 minutes.

Meanwhile stir the rest of the ingredients together, except for vanilla.  Add to mug of hot milk, and whisk to blend, then stir in the vanilla.  Top with whipped cream, if desired.

Note:  The first time I made this, I added a splash of half and half, the next time I didn’t.  Of course it was a bit richer with the half and half, but still amazing without.  You can also add just a dash of cinnamon to make Mexican Hot Chocolate.

This is a keeper, Almond Milk rocks, I will never look for another hot chocolate, this one, as Hershey says, is perfectly perfect...

Carb count - 5-6 carbs 

Photo courtesy of Hershey’s Chocolate