About Me

I'm a wife, mother, mother-in-law, grammie to three amazing grands, and dog mom to Magnolia Jane, aka Maggie, the cutest little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, ever, and I cook, three meals a day, every single day.  My favorite place is in the kitchen, where good smells abound, and my favorite times are when family is visiting, gathered around the island, talking and enjoying wonderful food. 

I'm also a whirlwind, a force to be reckoned with, banging pots, stirring, splashing, spilling, mincing, chopping and dicing. I'm also very grateful for quality kitchen equipment that makes meals faster and easier to prepare.  Instant Pot, Ninja Foodie Grill XL Pro, my trusty Cuisinart Food Processor, circa 1978, KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, circa 1980, All-Clad slow cooker, circa 1990, Boos Butcher Blocks a plethora of Le Creuset cookware and Lodge and vintage black iron skillets, they're what I grab, every day, and I'm so grateful for the products that make my time in the kitchen run just a little bit smoother. 

I always buy good kitchen equipment, it's an investment that pays for itself in the long run for me, because I use it! And it lasts, you aren't replacing it because as painful as it is to cough up major dollars for spendy appliances, it's worth it because you seldom have to replace them.  Back in the day I used to "decorate" my kitchen counters.  They looked great but I was constantly dragging appliances out, putting things up, and now, I'm older and wiser, and I have a lot of counter space.  At my age, it's all about convenience, so out with the decorating, in with the appliances.  I set several daily used workhorses on the counter, along with my favorite kitchen assistant, Echo Show, so they're handy to use.

A friend told me recently that my kitchen looks like an appliance store 😁 but it has been a game changer that makes cooking so much easier.

Hubby and I are retired now, he's the biggest helper of all.  I cook, he cleans the kitchen and always has the dishwasher empty and ready to use.  It's such a help and part of the reason I still love cooking.  So many women my age just don't want to do it anymore, but having someone to help you makes all the difference and you can enjoy the process, having fun preparing meals instead of it being a chore.

If you come to my blog looking for the step by step directions that so many bloggers use, you're not going to find them.  I make food, I post recipes, it's just the way I roll. 

Hubby and I live near Nashville, these days.  So many of us get old(er)  and follow the kids, and luckily one of my sons and his family lives in Franklin, Tennessee, so it's a beautiful part of the country to move to. My other son and his family lives in Lexington, Kentucky, an equally beautiful part of the country, but colder weather of which I'm not a fan. 

I was raised a country girl, with women who really knew their way around the kitchen.  Not only did they know how to cook, they grew their own food, butchered their own meat, canned for the winter, these roots run deep.  They instilled in me an appreciation, not only for food, but for the steps it takes to get it on the table.  The term "Farm to Table" was just a way of life for me growing up in the country.

This blog has been around for years, and if you're looking something specific, scroll down to the LABELS in the right sidebar. and my "Tried n' True Hall of Fame" includes many of my personal favorites 😍

So grab a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea,  and maybe a cookie or two, or three 😉  and enjoy the recipes.

~ Bon Appetit ~  Jan