Rolled Lemon Raspberry Pancakes with Lemon Curd

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You won't believe how simple this is to prepare and it's really special.  And since I'm all about easy, this is as easy as it gets.  I could give y'all a recipe, prepping the pancake batter, cooking the lemon filling, and if you want to do that, go for it.  But I have a quick alternative and it's so yummy, and it's a show stopper, nobody will realize it isn't all made from scratch.

It's not even much of a recipe, it's just a process, an easy process with amazing results.

Pick up a tub of lemon curd and a box of pancake mix at the grocery store, grab some berries and that's all you need.

Here's The Process

Make pancakes using your favorite mix, Krusteaz, Bisquick, Hungry Jack, whatever floats your boat.  If you're really short on time you could thaw frozen pancakes, but that's taking it a bit far, even for me.  Freshly made is always better.  Notice I didn't say "homemade" because that would entail measuring, mixing, folding, all time consuming things that you may not have time for or want to do.

Before you make your pancakes, warm the lemon curd in the microwave, stir it, then make your pancakes and start to assemble, spreading the pancake with lemon curd, then rolling with the seam tucked underneath.  As you build them,  you can put them in a very low temp oven, 225 degrees, on a baking sheet covered with a slightly damp towel to keep warm while filling and rolling the rest of them.  

Now how easy was that. Scatter around a few blueberries and raspberries, sift a bit of powdered sugar on top and if you feel really ambitious and want to knock it out of the ballpark, make a quick raspberry sauce for the top.  Don't forget the ice cream, that's the best part.

Again, this all about easy, just take a big scoop of raspberry jam, thin it out with some hot water until you get the consistency of syrup, put it in a pretty little serving pitcher,  your guests will never know how easy this was and think you went to a lot of trouble to make them a really special breakfast.

Well, it is really special, it just happens to be really easy.  

And shhhhhhh, it's our secret, I'll never tell. 🤫

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