Olde Spaghetti Factory Spaghetti with Browned Butter & Mizithra Cheese

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We were at The Olde Spaghetti Factory in Nashville over the Christmas Holidays. I had this dish and it's just incredible.  It's so simple, but it's one of the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten.  The recipe is readilly available on the internet, so simple to make, and absolutely DIVINE!

~ jan

Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese

1 lb. spaghetti or your pasta of choice
1 cup browned butter
1 cup mizithra cheese

Brown butter by bringing butter to a boil in a saucepan, stirring constantly and watching so that it doesn't foam over the edge of the pan.  Once the foam starts to subside, continue boiling until it turns an amber color - 1 or 2 minutes should be long enough.  There will be sediment at the bottom of the pan, don't disturb the sediment, you don't want this in your finished browned butter.  Let the butter cool for a couple of minutes in the pan and strain, leaving sediment residue in the pan.

At this point it can be refrigerated to use later.

To make the dish, boil the pasta, divide into four serving bowls, top each serving with 1/4 cup of the cheese and spoon over 1/4 cup hot browned butter.

You can purchase mizithra cheese at The Olde Spaghetti Factory, or at local cheese shops.  If you don't have either in your town, you can purchase the cheese online.

The Olde Spaghetti Factory is now offering a new version of this dish with bacon, garlic and mushrooms.  But I'm a purist, I love this original recipe.
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